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シーズン'11 初滑り in かぐら [もう一度滑りたい!]


今日はマイカー初のドライブ。上越のかぐらスキー場まで、往復550 kmの道のりです。これまでは週末に仕事が終わって千葉まで戻り、池袋まで混雑の中大荷物を運んでと、すごく大変だったのですが、クルマで出かけることができるようになり、楽なことこの上ありません。板を屋根に載せ、荷物をルンルンでトランクに詰め込み、いざ出発!千葉を3時過ぎにでたこともあり、渋滞知らず。早起きは三文の得です。

I enjoyed the long drive for the first time in my “my-car life”. I headed for Joetsu, approximately 550 kilometres return. So far, it was as if it were a war. Although ski is such an effective tool to make a move on snow, the set makes me suffer a lot in the crowded train up to Ikebukuro on weekends. This time however, there is nothing I feel troublesome; I put the ski on the roof and put the stuff in the back. I experienced no traffic jam, fortunately, because it was pretty early in the morning. An early bird will catch the worm!


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もう一度滑りたい! ブログトップ